Laticia Thompson of Legacy Blueprint on Navigating Difficult Conversations

On September 6th, we had guest speaker Laticia Thompson, owner of Legacy Blueprint in Chicago, come and speak to the group. She spoke to us about different approaches to navigating crucial conversations. 

The meeting focused on teaching skills to foster open dialogue around high stakes, emotional or risky topics. The skills that we learned will help us to gain confidence to respectfully say almost anything to almost anyone. During the talk, we identified what constitutes a crucial conversation, explored strategies to manage emotions and “stories” within self that could derail the conversation and reviewed the STATE model that’s used to share your perspective and invites others to share theirs.

To learn more about Laticia Thompson please visit her website at:

Thank you again to Laticia and to all that attended. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Thursday, October 4th.

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