Nov. 1 Networking Breakfast: Using Social Media Marketing Analytics to Boost ROI

Join us on Thursday, November 1st for Naperville Business Network’s monthly networking breakfast meeting, with speaker Michel Ann Sharritt of CueCamp. Her talk will discuss social media marketing campaigns, and how to maximize their effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing: Using Analytics to Boost ROI

For many business owners, the thought of investing large amounts of money into marketing is a risky proposition: feeling as if one is throwing money into a black hole and hoping that something good comes out of it. Rather than hoping or praying, doing some solid market research can help design marketing solutions that are guaranteed to work, with a positive ROI.

How can social media help? It can serve as a means of interacting with your customers to gather feedback and offer things of interest. Social media provides a unique way to start conversations with customers and promote your business.

  • Asking / observing WHY people use your product or service
    • Learn about perceived strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis) in comparison to direct competitors
  • Creating goals for marketing campaigns
    • Setting realistic targets to hit within a time frame, which can be quantified
  • Crafting marketing that addresses the specific needs of your customers
    • Using customer feedback to craft custom ads that match their interests
    • Marketing can target business strengths/opportunities, or negate weaknesses/threats
    • Creating A/B marketing strategies to achieve the best results in future campaigns
    • Using social media platforms of highest relevance to your business and marketing objectives
  • Measuring success and ROI
    • Determine whether the marketing campaign had a significant impact on the business
    • Compare A/B tests, inform the design of future marketing efforts
    • Calculate the return on marketing efforts/dollars spent (ROI)

Rather than discussing current trends, this talk focuses on the growing your business through the creation of targeted marketing that is based on data, from the customers themselves. In addition, quantifying the ROI of marketing efforts can inform the design of future marketing campaigns. Join us at this interactive talk to learn how to make the most of your marketing efforts and bring your business new customers.

This month we have our very own Michel Ann Sharritt as our guest speaker. Michel is the owner and Vice President of CueCamp and Situated Research, which are both located in Naperville. Michel has the creative ability to market businesses with new media, done successfully at both CueCamp and Situated Research, using a combination of web design, interactive marketing, and social media. Michel has been working with clients on their marketing strategies for over 20 years now and speaks frequently on this topic.

We look forward to you joining us for breakfast, networking, and an opportunity to grow your business.

To attend, buy a ticket at Eventbrite:


* Tickets at door are $35. Tickets are non-transferable & non-refundable.
* Bring plenty of business cards!

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