Coaching For the Win – February 7th Breakfast Meeting

Today we had guest speaker Ethan Martin, CEO from Simplified Leadership. Ethan came in and showed our group how to have a coaching conversation with a team member.

Before Conversation:

1. What is the goal?

2. Where are you having the conversation?

3. What do you need to do prior to add the most value?

During Conversation:

1. Be present!

2. What are you noticing?

3. Focus on one question at a time.

4. What’s your best role?

5. What’s the next right thing?

After Conversation:

1. How are you following up?

2. When is the next coaching conversation?

By following this short coaching checklist you can accomplish many things within your organization. If you need to have a coaching conversation with a team member and need help we would highly recommend giving Ethan a call.

Ethan Martin

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