Video Recording: Dr. Jeff Van Meter on Managing Teams

Title: You Make the Difference!

What happened to that company you dreamed about when you started? You thought you had it all figured out, then you started and things changed. Dealing with people and their “issues” is not what you started your venture for, but it is vital to your continued success. Join Dr. Jeff to understand what to do when your issues and their issues collide.

Goals and Objectives of this Session:

  • Learn to identify when you are getting in your own way when solving problems and what to do about it
  • Learn the 3 resistances every leader faces and how to overcome them
  • Understand your influence on the culture of your company and how to best leverage that influence

Intended Audience:

For anyone who…

  • has built a team, but struggles with letting go
  • thinks their team has nice people but can’t get what they need from them
  • thinks their team is hopeless
  • had visions of sugarplums when they started and now only see rotten tomatoes
  • like things just fine, but wouldn’t mind sleeping at night
  • really anyone leading their organization that wants to do more
  • feels like an imposter leading lots of smarter people

Recorded: October 1, 2020

About Dr. Jeff:

Dr. Jeff’s keynotes and workshops draw from his years of experience as a clinical psychologist and business owner working with entrepreneurs and professionals in leadership positions in a variety of industries. For years, Dr. Jeff has met with CEO’s and leaders who were struggling with the effectiveness of their leadership and what to do differently. More than a coach, Dr. Jeff is a trusted advisor providing a listening ear and candid feedback.

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