Video Recording: Karyn Ross on Generating Creativity

Title: You are Creative! (Oh yes you are!)

When I ask people if they think they are creative, most of them turn and look away, check their cell phone for that super-important message, or say “Who me? I’m not a member of the Art Department!” Fact is, as human beings, we are all creative! And our creativity is what allows us to solve problems, find new ways to do things, and create a better world for all of us.

In this short, interactive presentation, you’ll learn about Karyn’s definition of creativity, the Three Elements of Creativity, and you’ll practice a simple approach you can use to be creative anytime you need to! By the end of the session, you’ll be confident that yes, you are CREATIVE!

Recorded: December 3, 2020

About Karyn:

Karyn is on a mission to Help People Improve the World. An artist, internationally acclaimed speaker, award-winning author, consultant, coach and lean practitioner, Karyn travels the globe teaching people how to combine creativity, lean and kindness to make a better world. As well as being the owner of KRC (Karyn Ross Consulting), Karyn is the Founder and President of the Love and Kindness Project Foundation, a registered public charity fostering projects that spread love and kindness in the world, and Founding Mother of Women in Lean – Our Table.

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