Video Recording: Robert Starinsky on Organizational Change

Title: When was the last time you asked: “Why?”

Why are some organizations successful performers when other very similar organizations are marginal performers at best? The answer is simple. Successful organizations constantly reinvent themselves by questioning the status quo.

In today’s business environment change is the only constant. Organizations that regularly – if not constantly – engage themselves in self-reflection and self-improvement are the organizations that stand the greatest chance of both success and survival in today’s hyper-competitive, pandemic infused marketplace.

A forward-looking organization must be asking themselves tough questions about what they want to be, what trends are affecting their business, how to establish, re-establish and reach goals, what’s the best possible way of getting things done and of more immediate concern, how to survive during a global pandemic.

Successful organizations must be both future-oriented and action-driven. Quite simply put, today every organization must be in two businesses at the same time – their day-to-day, or “core” business and the “change” business.

This presentation provides leaders and managers of organizations of all types with practical advice and techniques for engaging in continuous self-reflection and self-improvement intended to keep their organizations laser-focused, lean and relevant in the emerging post-pandemic world.

Recorded: February 4, 2021

About Robert:

Bob Starinsky is a seasoned business professional with over 40 years of diverse business experience. Bob is a twice-published author and a former business educator having served as an adjunct faculty member at several area universities. Bob currently consults with businesses and non-profit organizations in the western and northwestern suburbs of the Chicago metropolitan area. Bob is the owner and principal of Tradewinds Group, a management consultancy he first established in 1984.

Bob has an Associate’s degree in Marketing and Merchandising from Wilbur Wright College, a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior and Personnel from Northwestern University, an MBA in Finance from Dominican University and a Master’s degree in Accounting from DePaul University.

Bob is a member of The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants® (AASBC®). The AASBC is the only global association specializing in the training and certification of small business consultants.

Bob is married. He and his wife and two college-age children live in the Western Suburbs. Bob is a member of the Studebaker Drivers Club and the Society of American Historians. He has made his presentation “An Oral History of the Studebaker Corporation” numerous times.

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