Video Recording: Ben Dooley on Finding Your Best Self

Title: How to Find Your Wow, Now!

It’s not news we have to stand out from the crowd and be amazing, awesome and brilliant. But how do you do it? Join us to learn the ‘5 words’ that will explode your business, relationships, and leadership: and change your life.

It only takes 5 simple words to make a powerful difference in your business! I know it sounds hard to believe, but these 5 words may be the most important words that you’ve ever discovered. And once you know them, your life will never be the same. These 5 words will help you discover and define your own personal wow factor. That same factor that will help you increase your work performance and productivity, your management, your leadership, your relationships, and really feel confident, solid and grounded to bring your best self.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Receive instant acknowledgement and recognition for who you are in the world
  2. Learn how to begin showing up powerfully in you jobs, relationships (and in your life) and become more attractive, interesting and compelling
  3. Begin to stand out from the ever growing run-of-the-mill and dime-a-dozen employees, companies and business owners: make your work flow, become more productive, more positive, more proactive
  4. Have a fun, simple and powerful exercise to share with friends, employees and coworkers so they can find their own wow factor
  5. Transform your marketing, sales, and customer relations to make a profound difference and your life a little bit easier and a bit more effortless

This foundational work is critical to all everyone who is looking to truly make a difference in their lives—impact their jobs in a powerful and productive way, increase their relationships, and overall find the ease in their lives.

Recorded: March 4, 2021

About Ben:

Ben Dooley has helped thousands of people, businesses owners, entrepreneurs and leaders of all types connect with their passion, rekindle their fire, solidify their focus, feel alive again, and move forward with clarity and purpose. His past experiences as a waiter, writer, actor, director, circus clown, and just about every temp and office job in town, along with top training in the coaching and leadership field, have provided him with an arsenal of powerful coaching and leadership tools to benefit his clients.

As one of less than 1100 Master Certified Coaches in the world, he specializes in helping left-brain thinkers access their creativity, and right-brain thinkers harness their focus and goals, while tapping both sides into their full potential, leveraging their current strengths and transforming their limitations into assets to develop deep and unshakable confidence, power, and success. His clients all over the world discover their work/life balance, increase their positivity and productivity in the workplace, find new and ideal jobs or relationships, streamline their processes and systems, and step fully into their leadership.

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