Video Recording: Jennifer Fortney on The Power of Storytelling

Title: The Power of Storytelling to Your Organization’s Culture, Growth and Innovation

The way you tell the story of your business or organization is all that matters to your customer. Today, customers want to be more engaged with the companies in which they do business and the organizations that they support. The story is the reason they buy or donate. It is what they will share with friends and family when asked about where they purchased or what causes to do they support.

The trick is that not everyone knows how to tell their story well across all platforms. This is where Jennifer comes in to walk you through finding your story and telling it appropriately and consistently for brand building.

Recorded: July 9, 2020

About Jennifer Fortney:

Consistently named one of the top 25 PR agencies in Chicago, Jennifer Fortney is President of Cascade Communications, a boutique, virtual Story Agency launched in 2001, and author of “Pitched: A Simple DIY Guide to Public Relations for Small Businesses”. In her 20+ year career in PR and marketing communications, Jennifer has supported major national brands along with countless small business and startups across the U.S and globally, generating millions of media impressions. A Journalism major from The University of Kansas, she wrote broadcast news, worked in broadcast and sports marketing and at corporate PR agencies. She is a speaker, guest lecturer and was the PR Instructor at SCORE Chicago for 5 years. Jennifer was a regular expert contributor to “Inc. Well”, and currently contributes to several small business and startup media outlets.

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