Video Recording: Mary Erlain on Generational Diversity at Work

Title: Communicating with the 5 Generations at Work

Our culture is diverse in age, heritage, gender, etc. This workshop will provide insight to help bridge the gaps around generational diversity. Whether you are a solo business owner, large company, or any point in between, we hope to help you being to change the way you view your business world.

There is a great generational divide that exists in our culture which began around 2011. This causes confusion, conflict, productivity challenges, marketing/advertising issues, customer retention challenges, leadership and management gaps, and loss in revenue/profitability. How can we manage these gaps and even more importantly, use them to our advantage?

Recorded: August 6, 2020

About Mary Erlain:

Mary Erlain is the founder of Peak Development Strategies. She believes an organization’s foundation is their people – the employees, management and owners. She is a published author of business books. Her most recent books address the opportunities and challenges of the multi-generational workforce. Generational diversity is a root cause of many of the problems in business today that effect growth, productivity, and profitability. Mary says, “As the constraints of doing business ease due to the pandemic, DON’T FORGET YOUR PEOPLE.” She believes that a culture needs to be rebuilt in order for a business to sustain itself going forward.

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