Video Recording: Molly Barbino on Creating a Professional Image

Title: Are You Presenting an Image of Success?

Everyone has heard the adage ‘What you see is what you get.’ When people look at you, what do they think they’re going to get? It’s up to you to define that.

Your image is the combination of your appearance, behavior, and communication. How we look, how we act, and how we speak determines our success both personally and professionally. From trustworthiness to work ethic, people draw conclusions about us based on what they see. Executives say that 93% of individuals’ promotions are determined by their appearance and image, and the difference that the ‘Beauty Advantage’ makes on your career can have you making up as much as 8% more money than your peers, or as much as 13% less. So how do you make sure you are on the right side of that gap?

Watch to learn the importance of your presentation, your image, and to learn some tips and tricks to improve your image to improve your life.

Recorded: June 3, 2021

About Molly:

Molly Barbino is a Certified Image Consultant and the Founder of Vulpine Image, a boutique Image Consultancy firm in the Naperville Area. Driven by her passion to help people find the confidence to be their best selves, she works with clients to define their personal stories, and helps them craft the masterpiece to match. Outside of work, Molly is currently pursuing an MBA through the University of Illinois and in her free time enjoys spending time with her three children and her family.

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